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Summer Heat

It is the beginning of Summer and we in LA have had our first really hot weather. It is the time of excess and heat, of overeating, and sweating unmercifully. A time of not wanting to eat because it’s too hot, or just not wanting to cook. Of peaches and watermelon, of picnics, BBQs, and salads.
Herbal teas can help.

Now for balancing the energy:
The movement of fire is between awareness and distraction; it is the dance of passion, and finding one’s pace.

Am I overextended? Is my heart in my daily activities? Or is my chest tight, full, and heavy? Do I feel alive and creative? Or am I feeling cut off or shut down.  We all do this dance, at different or difficult times, to different degrees.

In acupuncture, we access the true movement of fire by balancing the energies that feed it or those that regulate it. We seat the mind (awareness) in it’s house (the heart),
and find compassion; first for ourselves, then for others.

Sometimes after a long or hard week, where I have been asked to stretch as much as possible, where my ability to communicate is sorely tested either at home, at work, or on a project, where I am trying too hard at something, trying to push the river – all I want to do is play an online game or escape into the newest sci fi book or Dr Who marathon. My heart is full and I need a distraction.

Drumming helps. It reminds me of my own rhthym. If I can’t find a drum, I’ll use an old water bottle or table. Swimming is excellent because not only does it cool you down in the summer heat, but it helps set a rhythmic pace for breathing, opening and stretching the chest muscles. If I am feeling overwhelmed and can’t find my center, I hold my pinky and breathe. Or put my hands over my heart (right over left) and listen to my breath and my heartbeat. And oddly enough, eating bitter foods or drink.  (See Insomnia and Addictions)

My journey through this dance has included the practice of staying present – the art of being vulnerable – staying open-hearted. Here is a TED talk I found recently. It moved me, perhaps it will do the same for you.