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Times of Intense Changes

Something Wonderful (c) Elen Lauper

Something Wonderful (c) Elen Lauper

Over the last week or so I have been looking at the intense changes that are occurring around me, both environmentally and in the world.  It can be overwhelming and frightening.

So during my meditation this morning two ideas emerged. One thought was the need for me to continue to bank my energy/reserves through some kind of daily meditation and breath-work. The other thought was that this is an important time to de-clutter.

What does clutter have to do with anything?

If you look at nature and notice the circular and meandering ways plants grow, you might realize that this is the way energy moves. And in order for that movement to flow properly, it needs space. Where there isn’t that space, stagnation occurs. Where there is no free flow of water, a pool of water becomes sludge, accompanied by bugs and germs that cause illness around it. The same is true of our homes, our offices, our lives.

Times of intense change may be nature’s way of decluttering, so perhaps it is wise to participate in the process, rather than resist it. And since we live in a society of collecting/buying things, this can affect all aspects of our lives.

For some this has meant moving their house or apartment. For others, it may involve having their desk or office location moved. And for some, the change is more severe: the destruction of their homes through mudslides, winter storms, or the threat of war.  In any case, it is a time for re-evaluating what is important for us. What has value and meaning and what have we kept around for the sake of nostalgia, security, or what we think belongs to us, perhaps even what preserves our self-image.

In Traditional East Asian Medicine the sorting process takes place in the small intestine;  the de-cluttering or emptying process takes place in the large intestine. Where those processes work smoothly, we are able to assimilate the proper nutrients to supply our needs and achieve health. When we practice de-cluttering on a regular basis, our bodies, our health, and our lives can be less chaotic. When we tend to accumulate, stagnation occurs. In the body that can manifest as bloating, nasal congestion, problems with lymphatic drainage, or bowel inflammation or disease.

To find remedies click on large intestine, and small intestine . For lymphatic drainage of the ears click here; with permission Heather.  In the meantime, try practicing deep breathing with meditation or some kind of quiet time, or even taking a meandering walk.  And of course, make time for decluttering, even a little at a time.

You might find more space in your life for … “something wonderful”…

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