Acupuncture has been a consistent tool to help maintain my health, manage my stress levels and provide a quiet time each month to focus on the positive. Elen is skilled in her ability to listen and design the treatment best suited for the day. I always recommend acupuncture when friends are looking for a way to be proactive on health issues.
~ Mary

For two years now I have been seeing Elen as she assisted me in working past several sports related injuries. From worn out ankles, to sprained thumbs, to pulled muscles in my shoulder… Elen’s work has been amazing. Her comprehensive approach to care has really turned me from a skeptic into a believer of both acupuncture and more holistic forms of Eastern Medicine. I would highly recommend her as a care-provider and acupuncture specialist.
~ Scott Groves

If you are considering working with Elen Lauper…it will be one of the very best decisions you make. I have been working with Elen for 3 years and the difference in my general health is extraordinary. Elen has helped me with lower back pain and digestive issues while helping me better understand how diet has an effect on our immune system and overall well-being. Elen loves what she does and her passion and experience shows in her work. She is a great healer and can be trusted fully to do what is best for her patients. In particular, Elen will never try to “sell” you anything and she will tell you if you need to seek medical counsel or alternative therapies. I really cannot say enough good things about Elen Lauper. She is one of the most powerful healers around. Good luck and enjoy!
~ Matthew Lenoci

Receiving acupuncture treatment from Elen Lauper has enhanced my overall health and especially with side effects from HIV. I’ve received treatment for many years now and my doctors are always amazed that I have no side effects whatsoever and my general health is excellent. Following a thoroughly professional and detailed discussion of my medical history, Elen outlined the areas where he felt I could benefit from a course of acupuncture and shortly thereafter, set about a course of treatment, which was neither painful nor unpleasant. Surprisingly it was quite the contrary resulting in an experience more akin to massage, leaving me feeling totally relaxed and unwound. The days following each session have resulted in the most remarkable levels of energy throughout the day, which are now continuing for months at a time. I thank Elen for this introduction to the world of Acupuncture and would heartily recommend her services to anyone.
~ C.E.

I have worked with Elen for many years now and consider her one of my most valued health care practitioners. Her ability to listen and look at the whole picture, with regards to one’s health, make her an outstanding acupuncturist. I have referred many friends and colleagues to her and will continue doing so.
~ Thomas Small, Foley Editor at Free-lance

Having been afraid of needles for most of my life, an acupuncture treatment was something I would never have done, but a case of shingles required an “out of the box” treatment of some kind, and on the suggestion of my wife, who had also been helped by Elen, I went to see her. Not only did she put me at ease about the needles, her treatments made an immediate difference. I have seen her quite a few times since, and have always been very pleased with the results of her work with me. If you have any health issues (I was working with her on chronic sinus infection, which is now gone after years of trying traditional medicine), I suggest giving Elen an opportunity to help you. I’m sure you will be satisfied.
~ George Leger III, Owner – George Tech Guru

Elen is an excellent acupuncturist! Last year I was recovering from a volunteer week in Haiti and she helped me tremendously. I would recommend her highly to any one seeking acupuncture and health remedies. She shows a sense of compassion and joy which imparts great healing in her work.
~ Margaret Mortimore, Physical Therapist

Elen Lauper has worked as our families health care provider for years. She is the best.
~ Erik Olson, Architect, Owner at PLAN