The movement of Water is reflected in the Season of Winter

Symptoms involve the Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridians


  • Out of Balance
    • Physical Symptoms: fatigue or adrenal exhaustion, back pain, disc degeneration, frequent urinary tract infections, kidney stones, edema, high blood pressure, infertility, hot flashes or night sweats, and hormonal imbalances.
    • Mental Symptoms: Fearfulness, night terrors, PTSD.
  • In Harmony
    • The energy of water takes many shapes. It can be frozen in fear or roaring in power and agility. It’s about fluidity and stamina and how to preserve them; for that is how we build or conserve our reserves. Banking energy is as important as banking money, providing backbone, willpower, and choices.



  • Food as Medicine (Calcium/Magnesium)
    • Anything slightly salty, Pork [not ham or bacon- Nitrates & Salt], Kidney, fish, seaweed, and miso soup, black & red beans, rice, beets, mushrooms, chestnuts, or any roots.
    • Nettle leaf tea, watermelon, raspberry, and cranberry.
  • Self-Care Activities
    • Remembering to rest; drinking water; taking more baths, fewer showers; napping for 5 -10 minutes a day.
    • Swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing; walking, going to a lake, or the beach; listening to music, or ocean surf.