Balancing the Emotions Part 1: Cultivating Peace

After watching the video I realized that there was more to this story than just explaining how to do this technique. It is true that balancing our emotions uses the acupuncture meridians in the hands to moderate the movement of qi in our mental, emotional, physical, and perceptive awareness’s.
Yet it is our perceptive awareness, our Shen, that makes this technique so powerful.

In that light, two aspects of this exercise need further exploration.
The first is: holding a particular finger and allowing ourselves to feel or sense whatever happens, not trying to do anything except breathe.
The second is: cultivating a rhythm of moving through our emotions, learning to be present in our sensing, and finding peace. Practicing this exercise at the same time, place, and for the same amount of time each day can create a stronger sense of rhythm, and moving through our emotions becomes easier.

Allowing and developing a sense of rhythm and presence are keys to cultivating peace.
There is an inner stillness or silence that can be entered with practice. Peace and silence isn’t an absence of noise or emotion, just as health is not just the absence of illness.
Rather peace is a centeredness, an awareness of the dance of movement and stillness, a cultivation of being present in our lives.

“The way of Silence is more joyful than most other spiritual practices mainly because it is not a path at all, and only requires that we look around and “feel”. And as we notice these qualities of noise, it is possible to clear them, though not by doing anything in particular. Each time we notice some new noise we also find it possible to go even deeper into Silence, and this is the deepening that does the clearing.” [Robert Sardello – Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness]

Another way to practice this technique is to go outside, sensing our emotions with the sounds and silences of nature – the wind, the birds, sounds of a park, of the beach, of a sunrise or sunset. Learning to carry our inner stillness with us in the world not just in moments of meditation, this is truly a practice of gratitude for being alive.

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